The Mitchell's Plain's Chamber of Commerce

Our Mission

Applying a Market Development Approach to the local economic development of the Mitchell's Plain GDP Contribution to the benefit of the people of Mitchell's Plain and the surrounding suburbs

Our Reason For existence

We are business owners and investors interested in the development of Mitchell's Plain.  We are dedicated to bringing about systemic change to our local economy to the benefit of all of the people interested in the development of our people through the development of Markets that can create opportunities.


We started the chamber to be a Local Economic Development office that actively grows opportunities for the local economy of Mitchell’s Plain through international best practises and through a Market Development Approach to local economic development.

Membership and/or Partnerships

The Plein Chamber supports the idea of building individuals and coaching and mentoring the individual business owners through our  partner organisations who coordinate these activities.  We support those institutions that have a similar ethos and who subscribe to our values.

We do support an ethos that attracts investors and which is built on the assumptions of merit.  Our partners are structured and willing to be open to corporate governance audits.

We understand that building this ethos and value system takes education, mentorship and support and so we focus on forums and institutions as members as opposed to individual members.  Institutions and forums that undertake to build this ethos and this value system are natural partners to the Plein Chamber

Our Development Framework & Approach

Plein Chamber uses the well documented and researched Logical Framework Approach to program identification and adopts a Market Development Approach to Local Economic Development.


The methodologies that come out of this approach has been extensively researched and have been proven to help build entire markets with integrated ecosystems from the ground up in order to address the objective of comprehensive economic transformation for the people of Mitchell’s Plain.